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Super spirulina smoothie

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For a great sense of energy and fullness, here it is, the super spirulina!

A simple combination of fruit, a nutty flavour and this great freshwater algae will keep you full for a long time and give you the proper energy throughout the day.

Spirulina, a blue green energy source, is full of protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Due to its significant amount of the vitamin B12, spirulina helps building and mantaining a healthy nervous system and affects the metabolism of all the body cells, which prevents the lack of energy. Also, it is rich in chlorophyll  that contributes to a healthier blood count, cleanses and nourishes the body and keeps the Ph value balanced.

Spirulina is high in beta carotene and  zeaxanthin, strong antioxidants that shiled your body from the free radicals and help with the entire health.

Spirulina is a great ally in cutting off your extra fat, boosts the metabolism, cleanses the body and helps with your lack of energy and concentration.

Do I really need to add something more?!










  • 1 middle sized banana
  • 1 pear, Williams
  • 1 1/2 tsp almond butter
  • 1 full tsp spirulina powder
  • almond milk

Peal and slice the banana and pear into the blender.

Add the almond butter and spirulina.

Lastly, pour in the almond milk, depending on how dense you want your smoothie to be (1 or1 1/2 cup milk).

Blend until all ingredients are well combined and serve immediately!

You will be overwhelmed by its intense colour and the simplicity of the flavour.