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Open Day at S Pole Dance & S Tempo studio

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Open Day at S Pole Dance & S Tempo fitness studio with Make it Healthy delights!

On the address Marsovo polje 6 in Pula there is a fitness studio S Tempo & S Pole Dance where you can experience the joys of pole dancing and boost your physical condition with some functional workouts.

Sports pole dance is run by Žaklina Kostešić while her daughter Roberta leads begginers and advanced functional training classes where by using different kinds of props and your own bodyweight you can take yourself to a top form!

On October 1st they held an Open Day where they showed how do the flexibility, strenght and endurance workouts look like & I made for the occasion some healthy energy delights.

 If you live in Pula and are interestedto join one of the groups, find these ladies through facebook under the names of S Pole Dance,  & S Tempo.