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What to read?

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If you feel like you need to work on yourelf, find inpiration in others words, release yourself from fears...here are the books I found in 2018!

Enjoy :)

I am always in the pursuit of a good book and lately I've been feeling like I especially need this type of books that will help me be better, calmer and just happier.

Here below, you'll find 9 books and one manual/diary that I found to be very helpful in making me think positive and finding reasons to be happy and  grateful for, every day, because there truly are, and tons. 


I did not read this book at once, but during periods of time. I took it into my hands when needed some inspirations words and to find sense and calmness that day.

I'll begin with the books that I read last because I am still strongly impacted by them, so let us begin:

1. The Life-changing magic of tidying up, Marie Kondo

Why magic that will change your life? 

The reason is actually simple...while cleaning and decluttering your home and the things you own, carefully and with consideration, you will "clean" your inner self, your mind and soul and find yourself living a more fulfilling life.

Cleaning helps the psyche and the formula is pretty simple: "Does this item spark joy when you hold it in your arms?".

Marie Kondo goes through all the techniques of decluttering your space and storing items, giving useful tips on how to do that in the most efficient way.

Once you get her point, you won't have to go through the process constantly because you'll shift your mind and way of thinking and acting in general.

Beside the book, there is also a docu-series on Netflix with Marie Kondo that you can watch if you don't feel like reading.

Thumbs up for Marie!


2. The Five Love languages, Gary Chapman

A great concept that gives us a new perspective on understanding our partner and ourselves.

We all speak a certain language of love, the way we treat our partner, what we expect from them and what we wish our relationship to be.

If you are currently in a relationship, I recommend both you and your partner read the book and take some time to discover and learn how to speak the mutual love languages; there is also a test on the very end that will help you find out what are your love languages if you can't seem to figure them out.

The languages that Chapman mentions are:

1. words of affirmation

2. quality time

3. gifts

4. acts of service

5. physical touch


3Ikigai, Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles

Ikigai, the japanese purpose or reason for being, that we all carry within us, but it is up to us to discover in order to live a meaningful, full rounded life. 

That word literally can be divided into the tearms iki (to live) and gai (reason), and it is the reason we wake up every morning. 

Ikigai connects passion, mission, the call and profession.

The well-known scientific neuroscientist claims: „Possessing ikigai can literally change your life. You can live longer, be healthy, become happier, more satisfied and feel less stressed. In addition, thanks to the ikigai you can even become more creative and successful. "

While researching ikigai, the Japanese concept of describing the art of living, the authors of the book have traveled to Japan, met the oldest people in the world and discovered their secrets of fulfilled, meaningful and quality of life. They classified their secrets of longevity by groups:

  • do not worry
  • good habits
  • nourish your friendships daily 
  • live slowly
  • optimism

Definitely an interesting and inspiring book that will make you stop and reflect and that will make you start living the  mindfulness.


Stay active; don’t retire.
Take it slow.
Don’t fill your stomach.
Surround yourself with good friends.
Get in shape for your next birthday.
Reconnect with nature.
Give thanks.
Live in the moment.
Follow your ikigai.


4. Yoga, Body & Mind Handbook,  Jasmine Tarkeshi

What is yoga, how it has developed, many many illustrations of asanas with explanations of how correctly do them and what beneftis they give us, exercises of breathing - pranayamaspractice meditation, yoga routines that you can do daily or when needed. 

All of that and how to live Yoga off the mat  will be found in this beautiful handbook that will provide guidance in a simple way through this journey of life. 

In the last few years, only yoga and meditation have the power to bring me "back on my feet" and center me, telling me "everything is goona be fine, everything is already fine", so I find it very interesting learning about new techniques of breathing and asanas that help me for 10001 hardships.


5. North Korea, Snežana Radojičić (travel diary)

What I loved most about this book is the way of writing. Snežana Radojičić is a phenomenal writer that introduces you to her journey in a fun and completely easy-going way, describing all the scenes that went through her path and emotions that kept her guiding her way.  

This is my first encounter with her, but I will definitly continue to follow.

This book and this journey is particulary interesting because it is about North Korea, so you've got all my warm recommendations to give this book a chance to get you.


6.The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, Haenim Sunim 

I've already written about Ajahn Brahms books...so, this one definitely reminds me of them because the author Haenim Sunim, a Buddhist monk from Korea inspires us with thoughts of the beauty of everyday life.

I've heard and said to many times, "when I do this, then I'll be able to enjoy", "when I finish that, then I will be comfortable and happy"....the author invites us to slow down and notice our life as it is in this moment, to accept it, to live it fully and beautifully.

When we deepen our relationships with people and open our hearts, we live in beauty and peace.

The book is divided in sections:

  • relaxation
  • focused consciousness
  • passion
  • relations
  • love
  • life
  • future
  • spirituality

The desire of  Sunim is that we see this book as an opportunity for contemplation and meditation, let it be a moment of peace in our busy life .... and indeed it is.


7. Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

I remember reading this book last summer and thinking of my own courage to dedicate myself to what I love, about my own fears that many times have stood in the way of making what I strongly desired.

Elizabeth Gilbert shows us her life and her attitudes to tell us we do not have to be afraid, that we must overcome our fears and that we need to live the life we have imagined and accept what is happening to us, the way things are developed, believe.

Little inspiration for all those who may not have dared to look up their hidden gems in themselves and allow them to experience it.


8. The road of tears, Jorge Bucay

In my longest and deepest crises, Bucay found me.

The road of tears is actually the 3rd road (book) that Bucay speaks about.

I kind of started completely backwards with my reading. The 1st book I read was The road to happiness, then this one, and now I have waiting on me The road of encounter (2nd book), but I guess that is how it's suppoused to be in my case.

This book is mostly dedicated to the ones that have experienced loss, of a loved one.

The hardest and most painful form is abviously death, but loss can be experienced through brake-ups or loss of something we find valuable to us.

I've personally been struggling with that for a long long time, so his words were an urge to shift my perspective.


Losses are part of our lives, they are universal and inevitable constants, and we call them necessary because through them we grow. What we have become thanks to everything we lost and how we went through those losses.
The way of tears links us with pain, but it is he who teaches us how to become complete, how to accept the life bond between losing and gaining.


9. Do it yourself sacred manual, recipes for food, body, home, spirit and relationship, Elisa Bosi Avventura

I won't be writing a lot about this book, because I am not sure if you'll be able to find it (hint- Amazon). I bought it in a little shop in Fuerteventura and it is actually a manual as the title says of how to lead a more natural life, to connect with the Universe and nature, Avventura guides us into his path of living a more vital, full rounded life and to learn how to cooperate with nature, understanting and using all its gifts.


10. The Five Minute Journal

This is not a book, but a personal handbook or a sort of diary that you write in on a daily basis.

The accent is on gratitude, for gratitude is the greatest blessing that allows us to live fully and freely, a little reminder to open our eyes and notice all the miracles of life and a perspective that shows us we can always but really always find something to be grateful for, something nice and amazing that can make us happy.

You basically write in your journal two times a day, in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before going to bed. It literally takes 5 minutes of your day to answer to questions that the diary has for you. (everyday the questions are the same and the most important one is: What are you greateful for today?)

I've personally found it to be a little difficult in the beginning to find reasons to be happy that day (I was going through some rough times), but there are so many...the very possibility that I am here, healthys, being able to write in the journal is already a reason to be thankful for.


I really hope you'll find something useful and interesting here for you. Also, if you are interested in some good novels I read or some nice documentaries, write to me and I'll share.

If you have other  topis in mind that you're interested in, I'll try to share my views with you openly,too.

Thank you for your time! :)