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My first solo trip

Posted By Marija Cossi| Comments

A break from the routine and work in the middle of summer into the peace and quiet of the mountains and hills...alone.


I spent three beautiful days in my own company this August in Slovenia...many people didn't understand why, asking all these questions, "Why alone?", "Aren't you embarassed?" , " Is everything ok?".

To tell you the truth...I had the best time and couldn't wipe up a big smile off my face during the entire trip. :D

So it happened, that I got 3 days off from work and without even thinking about, I immediately booked a stay in a small b&b in Bled, located only a few minutes walking distance from the lake itself, but actually I could really enjoy the peace and quiet from my small wooden balcony overlooking the nature scenery and some cute family houses. Amazing.


This was my first solo trip, where I made no plans in particular, but the excitement was big, and the outcome beyond my immagination. 

Of couse, when you share your experience with someone, with your partner, is always nicer, but I think we should all try spending some time just with ourseves, no pressure, no tention or embarrasement, just enjoying our moment, conncecting to our beeing and all that surround us.

This was a special venture for me, I just sat in my car and drove all by myself to Bled, which was the first most exiciting part of the trip, because I've never done it myself, it is always my partner who is driving us places.

I enjoyed the whole ride and when arrived on the final destination, I was so proud of myself and my self-confidence.

The b&b was perfect for me, it got all that I needed, complete tranquility on the little balcony, which was a must for me when I booked the trip, and a bonus was the fact I had the chance to get myself coffee and tea anytime I wanted, enjoying it in my little oasis.

I spent the whole first day resting from all the mess at work and my private life, I did my yoga, read a book, wrote a little bit, then fell asleep happily. :)

The next day I woke up at 6 am, because at 7 am I was already at the entrance of Vintgar Gorge  where there was no other soul but myself, so the experience of walking along the waterfalls was really something special. 

At the end, I decided to continue uphill through the woods and reached the hill top where St. Catherine church is located and continued downhill to the car, passing the best sceneries ever!!

This was definitely the highlight of my trip. 

I haven't felt such peace, happiness and fulfillment in a really long time.

The nature has all our answers and meets all our needs.


If you plan to visit Vintgar Gorge, choose an early entrance time, because at  9.00 am already, it was all crowded with cars and buses. 

I returned to my b&b for breakfast and continued walking down to the lake Bled, climbed up to the castle, and then enjoyed a nice krempita with a view, with a smile that never left my face.

For lunch, I took myself to Bohinjska bistrica and found a nice little restaurant in the middle of nowhere, which was a big +, and the food was delicious,too.

The third day I went back home, making one stop to see Škocjanske jame that really took my breath away, and here was actually the funny part, since I was the only person who came here by myself, many people looked at me like I am a wierdo :D because all of them were with friends or family, so they must have wondered what is this girl doing here all alone.

Oh well... :)

The tour though, was long and interesting, so at the end I bought myself gelato artigianale and took my ass home.


There is something liberating in travelling  on your own, in the excitement of the uknown and not planned, in exploring by yourself and act in the moment, listening only to your own wishes.

My mom and some friends couldn't understand how come I decided to do so, concerned about me, but when they actually realized how happy and peaceful I was after these three days, they wanted to try it out themselves, too. :)


Places I visited and approximate expense

  • accomodation, Penzion Kaps - 80,00euros/night + breakfast included
  • Vintgar Gorge - 10,00 euros entrance fee+ 5,00 euros parking (just in front of the entrance)
  • lunch at  Pension Resje, Bohinjska Bistrica - 18,00 euros
  • Škocajnske jame, Canyon tour with guide  - 20,00 euros


  • fuel, about 65,00 euros
  • vinjeta 15,00 euros
  • Penzion Kaps
  • Video Isječak Putovanja
  • Nažalost, većinu videa koje sam napravila mobitelom se nekako izbrisalo, pa je ispao drugačije od zamišljenog.

    Ipak, nadam se da će vam donijeti makar dašak mira i ljepote koje sam proživjela.