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Shanti, raw food in Pula

Posted By Marija Cossi| Comments

Shantis- two friends, soulmates that share the same interests, met by fate and began a wonderful advanture together by opening the first raw food restaurant in Pula, Shanti!

With the first step you make into Shanti, you will feel the good vibes in the air! A warm welcome, a positive atmosphere where you can enjoy in peace natural meals and desserts prepared with tons of love and dedication.

The main idea of the place was precisely that...people are suppoused to find tranquility and feel good while sitting in this restaurant, so it's no wonder that the girls choose Shanti as the name of their place which symbolizes inner peace.

Reading a lot about the raw diet they realized that's the only natural diet for men and an inevitable factor if we want to be and stay healthy.

That's the reason why they introduced raw recipes into their daily routine, even though not exclusively.

Books and workshops played an important role in developing a deep love for the raw food diet that pushed them into experimenting with recipe developing for cakes, crackers and savory dishes.

Their daily menu includes: raw soups, main dishes, salads, sandwiches and even pizzas!

Also, there are many different types of smoothiesraw desserts and energy bars.

Don't be surprised if you want to order the same cake or sandwich two days in a row and can't find it, because the girls are very imaginative and try out new recipes almost daily in order to surprise their clients and don't get stuck in a rut.

Pula, as many other croatian cities, is famous for its fast foods and bakeries, and up till now we didn't have much choice when it came to grab some nutritious snack for work.

I am very happy that now we have a healthy choice in the city when we don't have time to make a healthy homemade lunchbox for work!

Also, I must admit that I am hooked on their raw cakes! I highly reccomend you stop by and try some! :)