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Immunity juice

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Orange for energy and indurance, so good morning to us!

A combination of orange carrots and oranges and white apple.

Drink juices in the morning for fast absorption of nutrients, for cleansing and for energy!

This juice is rich in vitamin C that helps protect our body from various infections and inflammations and helps build up our immunity system, vitamin A that helps in developing good eyesight and tissues. Also it reduces sings of aging and eases the process. The group of vitamins B are very important for numerous processes involved in the body. Then. we have flavonoids, powerful antioxidants and beta carotene that protects our skin from the UV radiation from the sun and enhances tanning during summerime.










  • 3 middle sized carrots
  • 2 middle sized oranges
  • 2 middle sized apples*

* I used the Pink lady sort.

Wash and peel the apples and carrots. Slice the apples to quarters.

Pass them through the juicer to get a nice juice then pour in the freshyl squeezed orange juice as well.

You can add an ice cube or a bit of water to it and enjoy your bright and energetic wakening!