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Banitsa with cottage cheese

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A light and simple dish that suits perfectly throughout the whole year!

A lighter version of the beloved burek goes nicely with a cup of yogurt/probiotic by choice.










  • filo pastry
  • about 500 g cottage cheese (low fat or regular)
  • 1 egg
  • about 125 g yogurt + yogurt for the final spread on the filo pastry
  • Himalayan salt


  • feta cheese

The recipe has been made for a baking tray of this dimensions:25-30 x 20 cm.

The tray I use is made of glass.

Stir the cottage cheese with salt, egg and some feta cheese if you like. You decide how much will you put it, but don't go overboard with it.

I used a handful and a half. Stir in the yogurt that doesn't necessarily has to be the same amount as written above, but can variate depending on the texture you are aiming for.

Incorporate all the ingredients with a fork or spatula.


Melt about 4-5 tbsp ghee butter.


Spread the ghee butter on the bottom and sides of the glass baking tray, using a kitchen brush.

Lay 2 layers of the filo, spread the butter all over it and then do the same with 2 more filo pastry layers.

Spread half the cheese mixture on top of it.

Take a few more filo pastry layers and tear it all over the cheese layer, so you cover it completely. Pour a bit of the ghee butter on the teared filo and then place on layer of the pastry again. Spread it with a bit of butter.

Spread the second half of the cheese mixture and do the same procedure you've done previously.

For the end, put one layer of the filo pastry and spread a bit of yogurt and butter all over it.


Slice the banitsa before baking on 12 equal pieces and bake on 180-190 C degrees for about half an hour.

Take it out, leave it to cool for a while before serving.

It is great warm and cold the next day.