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Baked bananas as a guilt free dessert

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Sweet baked bananas make a simple light dessert that you can flavour up to your taste!

 You can make baked bananas when you crave something sweet and fast!

A light dessert that can be different each time you make it, depending on how you enrich the flavour.









For the bananas

  • 2 ripe middle sized bananas
  • agave syrup, maple syrup ili or coconut palm sugar*
  • ceylon cinnamon
  • lemon juice**

*Coconut palm sugar will give you a slightly caramel taste.

**If you don't like sour taste, leave out the lemon juice. I used just a little bit of lemon juice to soothe the sweetness.


Additions and decoration

  • nuts
  • peanut butter or nut butter
  • shredded coconut
  • goji berries or dried fruit
  • dark chocolate

Slice the bananas on half by the lenght.
Lay them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper
Squeeze just a little bit of lemon juice over the bananas and pour a bit of agave over them for sweetness or just sprinkle a bit of coconur sugar and cinnamon.
 If you don't like sour taste, skip the lemon. Coconut sugar will give you a nice caramel taste.
Bake the bananas on 190 C stupnjeva, for 10 minutes to softened.
Take them out and serve them immediately.