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Cosmel cosmetics review, Creamy Poppy Milk

Posted By Marija Cossi| Comments

Creamy and light Cosmel's poppy milk for the face and body has soon become my best friend after showering for the care and tenderness it shows for my skin.


If you remember well, Cosmel & I made a giveaway a month ago and one lucky woman received their creamy body milk, because I really wanted for at least one of you to give their products a try, since I am very very satisfied with them.

Ana Franić received this beautiful organic body product and share her experience with me and now with you as well. Since it's been a month since the giveaway, I think both her and me managed to get a pretty strong impression about the product itself and how it affects  skin.


I would like to begin the review with some basic features of this body milk...


- the bottle contains 200 ml of face and body milk

- the bottle doesn't have a classic plug/bottle cap, but it has a"pump" to press the milk out which makes it easy to dose the quantity of milk that we might need 

- the milk texture is very gentle, easy to apply and the skin absorbs it fast

- you don't need to apply a lot of it at once, just spread it evenly on the surface you want 

- it has a very neutral and pleasent frangrance/smell, so it goes perfectly with any kind of parfume. Final impression -  complete freshness

-  it softens the skin, which means it gives it a deep hydration and elasticity 

-  my skin is dry to normal, so this milk works great for me

- it doesn't grease the skin


Poppy body milk contains:

poppy extract and plum seed oil + apricot

-  sesame, peanut, cotton, olive, Shea butter, horsetail

Poppy extract works as an antioxidant,actively slows down skin aging, stimulates circulation, reduces fat cells while the plum oil nourishes dry skin giving it a deep hydration. 


The price of the product: 104,00 kn. You can order it online through the Cosmel's web shop.

I use it on a daily basis after showering.


Ana Franić, about the Creamy Poppy milk...

"...I use the milk on a daily basis since I have received it and I love love love it!! First of all, you can apply it very easily and dose it nicely which is a big plus for me. The milk itself has a beautiful smell, you don't need to apply a lot of it on the skin because you can spread it easily and the skin absorbs it fastly. The skin is not sticky after applying it, but it is soft and silky. Usually I have very dry skin, but since I've started using this product it is not so dry as it used to be, but it is nicely hydrated and looks healthier (maybe it sounds weird, but it is the truth). All in all, a great product that I definitely reccomend to anyone. I am planning to order some other products as well, beacuse I am very impressed by this one, so I can't wait to check out the others,too."


Thank you Cosmel for this great experience,  we are really looking forward to some future product testing and to new creations of yours.

If you have tried some of Cosmel's cosmetics, feel free to send me a feedback through the social media or e-mail. I would love to hear your opinion.