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Little things that make my day

Posted By Marija Cossi| Comments

One of the most fulfilling days of March...meet my little loves & one a little bigger! ;)

I decided to make this little visual diary mainly because of myself, since this photos make me so happy I could go through them for hours.

Maybe I even went a little overboard with the quantity, but to perfectly honest, I don't really care because each of them remind me of an unforgettable day, so relaxed and happy, one of those days you don't think about anything and you are totally present in the moment.

Since I have moved away from home, I find myself spending more time with my fury friends, which si actually ironic, because now I can really see how much I miss them everyday when I wake up and they are not there.

I am lucky that my man shares the love for them with me, so we really look for ways to spend almost every sunny day with them, for at least a few hours, so they can run, play, swim and cuddle with us.

It was a day like that in March, a little difference is that we took them for a boat ride to a little island nearby for the first time and made a picnic there, enjoying our time together...not a soul around you, just the woods, meadow and the sea.

Tara was overwhelmed with the ride cuz she is a great sea lover, but she managed to surprise even me of how relaxed she was during the ride and the way she just surrounded to the blue around her, with no fear at all. Thai was a little scared though, but his older friend managed to reassure him a bit and make him see nothing terrible is going on.

Tara is a girl of almost 13 years, while little Thai is almost 8, & they have been with us since the beginning.

We found them on the street, so little and scared and they simply stayed with us.

We do have another old boy Poncho, who is the same age as Tara, but he seems to enjoy the company of humans more than the company of dogs, so he always tries to avoid mingling with the group. :D

I hope you'll enjoy this beautiful spring day with us and get us to know a little better.

This is all I need...a track suit and snickers, my loves and a road to nature!