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Gluten free pasta with almond cream and truffles

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Super quick lunch idea when you want to eat something extra delicious and like right now!

The longest part of the entire "preparation" of this recipe is, actually, the part where you wait for the pasta to get cooked.

The sauce is over in less than two minutes, so when you feel like you're super hungry, it's pretty good to have vegan almond cream on hand, it serves perfectly as a lighter version of the classic dairy cooking cream and obviously to have the tartufata or the truffle & champignon mix in your storage, which I buy by the Zigante truffles.
 will give you a more intense truffle flavour, while the other mixture will be slightly milder, so you can add it a bit more in your pasta dish. 

I will link all the ingredients down below, because perhaps most of you haven't tried out the almond cooking cream, nor these Zigante products.


I prepared my dish with gluten free pasta made of corn and rice flour and I choose fusilli this time, but I think farfalle, pipe rigate or spaghetti would do the trick...well, you got a lot of choices here!

My version was not vegan, cuz I used ghee butter and goat parmesan cheese in my preparation, but you can adjust it if you want it to be completely vegan.










*I used gluten free pasta cuz I find it to be lighter for my tummy. I found the Fusilli pasta of corn and rice flour by Barilla, but I do it very often with spaghetti as well.

**I prefer the Zigante tartufata cuz it's a bit more intense than the other mixture, which you might want to add a bit more than state above. 

I wrote to use about 60 g of the mixture for 200 ml of cream, but I add even more sometimes, cuz I LOVEEE truffles.

***I tried the goat parmiggiano recently and I find it to be much more tasty than the cow's one. You can use it or skip it all together.

Cook the past according to the package.

Drain the cooked pasta and make the sauce in the same pot.

Melt the ghee butter in the preheated pot, add the almond cooking cream and leave it for a little bit to boil.

Add the tartufata and stir, then season with salt and pepper.

Stir in the pasta.

I also add the parmiggiano while the pasta is still in the pot, but you can add it additionaly while serving.

If you have a little bit of truffle olive oil, you can use a few drops for an additional truffle flavour, or even regular extra virgin olive oil for some special taste.

You can skip this part if you don't like olive oil, or just don't want to use it.

This recipe was enough for 4 servings for us, cuz we made a nice big cabbage salad with garlic and feta cheese to go along with it.

Bon apetit!