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Immortella cosmetics favourites

Posted By Marija Cossi| Comments

Three products I use almost on a daily basis by the natural cosmetics Immortella - pure love!

This year I had the chance to try out the whole collection of the Immortella, natural and organic cosmetics, inspired by the plants and scents of the Mediterranean and obviosuly by their benefits.

I am totally overwhelmed by the quality of the products and would like to stand out 3 of them, which I have been using for months now, almost on a daily basis:

- face cream, absolute favourite

- hand cream

- lip balm

Immortella is a handmade cosmetics brand from Makarska, Croatia, and beside the listed above products, you can also find on their website: immortelle floral water, face tonic, body lotion, facial oil, dry body oil and of their summer line there is the "magical tanning oil" on a carrot/walnut base that made my skin tan faster and easily, the skin was nourished and soft and not once did I burn this summer with it; and last but not the least, the after tanning lotion.

  • Face cream
  • I have tested a few natural face creams and they were all good, but no one like this one!

    I started using it in February and haven't been able to separate from it since then, to me it fits perfectly.


    If I would keep aside the beautiful gentle smell of the cream that always brings my mind in a golden field in the middle of summer, the texture of it is so smooth and light, absorbs quickly into the skin and you need only a small amount of it to apply on the face and neck area.

    Mostly, I use it in the morning hours, after washing my face (sometimes with the addition of the washing gel), then face tonic and the cream at the very end.

    It is a great base for make-up, doesn't make the skin glow nor grease, but nourishes deeply and hydrates the skin which make the face soft and the feeling is amazing! :)

    When I don't have to go to work, I only apply the face cream and a little bit of Immortella lip balm, for a feminine and natural look.

    My skin is normal to dry.


    For more info about the product, price and ingredients, click the link above (just below the photo).

    Package: 50 ml

  • Hand cream
  • I used this hand cream a lot during winter and spring, while during summer almost nothing, except when I washed the dishes, but now it is time to put it back into my purse.

    The cream is rich in texture, but absorbs quickly into the skin, it is necessary only a little bit of cream to nourish and softed the hands.

    A great alley in the fight agains dry and damaged hands that become so soft and gentle.

    The smell is also very gentle and completely natural, I feel the citrus notes the most.


    Package: 50 ml.

  • Lip balm
  • I am a type of girl who like lipsticks a lot, but this is the first time I actually fell in love with lip balms.

    I fell in love with it over a year ago and have been using it a lot ever since, especially in winter and now when the weather changes and the cold air drys the lips more. I also like to use it before applying the lipstick.

    In summer though, I was particularly fond of it, because since I don't like a lot of make-up (especially when warm outside), the lip balm came more than in handy, giving me the perfect sensual lips, leaving a gentle trace of glow. Just a little bit of mascara and a skin foundation and it is everything you need.

    Also, I am a type of person who simply needs drinking a lot of water, otherwise I immediately feel the dryness on my lips, which definitely decreased while using this balm.

    Beside the lips, I also apply it on other parts of my body, such as the area around the nose when I have a cold and the skin feels irritated around it.

    Southes and regenerates the skin perfectly.

    Package:15 ml of product in a small box that you can carry anywhere with you.


    All the details about the brand and the ingredients they use are to be found on their website.

    I must mention once again that this is  natural, organic cosmetics, of high quality and of visible effects.

  • Immortella website