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Tournant open fire cooking workshop, Thursday

Posted By Marija Cossi| Comments

How can I tell which evening was the most special one, when all of them were perfect in their own way...

Tournant, thank you for all, you were amazing!

This was definitely the experience of the year, what can I say.

Every day brough something special, the dinners were fun, warm and full of interesting stories & the best food I ever had!

SInce it was the last supper, I must admit, everything was more emotional, intense and pronounced, so the atmosphere was slightly different from the previous days.

All in all, I think the photos speak for themselves and tell you all about the feast there was.

The Thursday morning was rainy, so we spent it tasting our istrian extra virgin olive oil Chiavalon vs. the american olive oil, had lunch and coffee in Motovun and in the evening back to the villa.

The next morning we had breakfast together and then we all went in our own direction, with hearts full of emotions, richer by experience and a new adventure.

Until the next one!